Danke, Surmia / Thank you, Surmia

    • Offizieller Beitrag

    Hallo everybody from Surmia,

    I don't know, how many of you are reading here, but if someone does, this message is for you and your server mates:

    I want to thank you for the nice teamplay during the last two months while our servers were linked. There were not a big amount of surmia players who joined our ts, but those who did was always a pleasant company to us. Special greetings to Levi at this point! :) Furthermore, many thanks to all those Surmia players, who went along the zerks without TS, and to all those others for scouting, defending, building and fighting together with us players from Abaddon.

    We all were not many, but it was (in my opinion) predominantly a relaxed time. (And that's maybe more, than everybody else could say. ;) )

    I wish you all the best and a nice new linking today!

    Warm regards and have fun!

    "Sei schön artig und iss dein Gemüse." - Miko Arrence