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    How are people finding the Beta so far ??

    For us as a guild we have found the following.

    1-Scouting has been terrible, generally defense calls only made when the enemy have breached towers or on the Lord.

    2- Lack of player numbers generally,

    a) reset we had a full squad (inc KGDM) ppl but 10ish could not get on the map and the queue was 67.

    b) Saturday Morning we had about 35 - massively lacking against our opponents.

    c) Mon, Tue, Wed Morning anywhere from 15 to 25 in squad (almost 1/2 what we we've been getting whilst on tour)

    d) Mon, Tue, Wed Mid afternoon 9-15 in squad, generally against 3 maybe 4 times our number

    Miko's Tuesday Night raid, full as ever with queues, coupled with the Xmas giveaways also generated increased numbers.

    3- Communication has been an issue, certainly for non- ally people who have not wanted to make the effort to join organised squads, or the millenials that only want to use discord.

    4- a better understanding of when the different raid leaders from the guilds in the alliance normally tag up so that we can support each other and increase zerg numbers, as oppose to clash.

    I felt a little bad the other day as Tavin was tagged at our normal late afternoon time and we had more guildies than hed had as a squad, so If we had schedule, to work around this will help with coverage and maybe attendance, also has to be said between our two groups we didnt have anywhere near our opponents numbers, lucky for us Pralines group were easy pickings.

    5- I still believe there is a Need for a platform such as discord to run alongside the Ts, for numerous reasons, such as-

    a) if were to attract more people to the alliance, randoms or guilds, prob 80% of other servers all use discord and it makes it a smooth transition for them and their guildies. (personally I like Ts as the main voice comms)

    b) most newer players and certainly people that have been thrown / linked with us at the moment are used to discord and bring out the same old crap statements like "euurgh you use Ts" and even after you tell people in map / Team chat, they still ask what the server discord is:(

    I think between this and the API veri process for Ts this week has disadvantaged us at times from having larger organized groups.

    For the long term, either way randoms will have to verify one platform or another and the argument for either will always be there but it is something we can look to action for the future hopefully, via the existing admin team within the alliance.

    The longer we leave it, some random nobody will create one and call it Kingdom alliance and only create confusion & hassle in the longterm especially in terms of control of it.

    Finally, Alliance members, I've seen many following both my tag, Ateena's on Sunday and Angel raid on Monday, yet Not actually joining the squad when there are spaces. (some for prolonged periods)

    This is dissapointing and frustrating for Comms when they lack numbers in comparison to our enemies.

    But it is something for our alliance players to think about.

    That's Our Experience so far.

    Slight hicup with Kormir early on - in terms of api verify.

    Maybe suggest the beta channels are open to all so as to encourage players outside of our ally to join easily, as I doubt they will make the effort to verify themselves to join us for 1 week

    I open the four Beta Raid channel for unverified people temporarily and will discuss that later / tomorrow with Miko.

    Many thanks: thumbup:

    Problems This Monday Morning - The Beta channels are Not open to un-erified people still, also another person messaged me (Toto Bag Guild Comander) saying the api wasnt working for him so he quit squad as he was frustrated trying to get verified - I advertiseed Beta channels as open for all to join and got very frustrated after multiple messages from people saying they couldn't join it.

    We then all moved from the beta channels to the "supposedly" open talk channels & advertised this - only to find out people couldn't join this either.

    I then got more messages from the same frustrated plyers & due to my frustrtion due to the ts isssue & multiple messages, Had to set myself as off line & hide the tag.

    Quite embarrased that we advertised what we thought were open chanels - Twice! and received players frustration back at us for it, made us look like a bunch of trolls.

    (Correction on my vocal comment that I spoke with Miko Friday re-open channel 5min before reset as people were strugling to verify - it was Kilf i spoke with)

    Really good turnout for the ally beta reset, some excellent focus & gameplay by the ally squad against that blue blob without a single wipe to either groups.

    Took everything we Actually targeted to take & got tons of kills in the objectives we wanted to farm.

    Really well done All who joined in:thumbup:

    Slight hicup with Kormir early on - in terms of api verify.

    Maybe suggest the Beta channels are open to all so as to encourage players outside of our Ally to join easily, as I doubt they will make the effort to verify themselves to join us for 1 week